Belle & Clive is Bluefly's newest site featuring timed events at members only pricing. In order to stand out in a marketplace full of ever increasing flash sale sites, the site took a unique approach of offering premiere brands like Prada & Gucci on a daily basis with a visual and copy tone that was friendly and sophisticated rather than exclusive & pretentious. The name "Belle & Clive" alludes to the idea that you have partners in your shopping experience- attractive taste makers that that want to share their fashion finds with you. The design of the site is refined yet warm, featuring friendly fonts, a sophisticated color pallet with a fun pop color and witty copy. The editorial photography also embraces wit, and is always luminous and optimistic. Special features like 1-click-to-bag shopping and shortcut navigation make the battle to snag items first a cinch. The product photography is also friendly and luminous, and great care is given make all details visible and every image consistent.

Creative Direction: Bradford Matson & Lindsey Gice
Site Design: Sub Rosa
Editorial Art Direction: Lindsey Gice
Product Photography Creative Direction: Lindsey Gice

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