A rebranding of a bar & restaurant chain using the real-life story of its namesake, P.J. Whelihan, as inspiration for its visual and tonal style. P.J. was a newspaperman who spent plenty of time in bars connecting with the community and “researching” his stories. His background is a bit shady and mysterious so, although he is the figurehead of this brand, we never see his full portrait or know the full story of his early 20th century life. However, his bar wisdom combined with newspaper design elements provide the perfect metaphor for what a local restaurant is: a public house, a hub of the local community and events, and in essence, a living newspaper. From billboards to event calendars to take-out bags, this design and copy style are flexible enough for the many advertising mediums required by each location.

Brand Authors: Lindsey Gice & Cory McCall
Art Direction/Design: Lindsey Gice
Copywriting: Cory McCall
Creative Direction: Dan Shepelavy, Steve Penning & Darryl Cilli

created at 160over90